You love colorful aquaria, CoralUltra has corals that you want.

CoralUltra ships directly from Porto Airport (IATA: OPO) to the rest of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA, including Norway), due to location near the airport.

A package can be in your hands in a matter of HOURS if you live near a main urban area in Europe. Corals are delivered to cargo plane prior to  takeoff, with security seal and inspection avoiding any further inspection causing delay, no second-hand carriers. You get a more reliable, efficient and faster delivery.

It is true, you can have corals delivered in the evening in Porto, and get them next morning in Paris, Berlin, Prague or London.

If you are located in Spain or Portugal, packages will be delivered using land carriers.

How do I Pay?
You can use Paypal or IBAN. The IBAN may be from a Portuguese bank account or a British IBAN, all part of the Single Euro Payments Area, no fees applied.

Am I getting the coral from the picture?
Yes, you are. It is a true picture of the coral and its colors, normally on full spectrum. These only get to look even better in your aquarium under blue lights.

The frag plugs, why they are so different?
CoralUltra may use ceramic, aragonite and high-quality biorock plugs, made with aragonite, calcite and other trace elements that support the buffering capacity of your aquarium. The later do not have specific shapes, and some can be used in your aquarium as if live rock, as some do have a natural appeal, their randomness is intentional. And you can use pliers and a knife to shape it as you wish.

Perfectly shapped or as random islands for your zoanthids or LPS, look in the base rock section.

Our systems are free from flatworms  or aiptasia. For aiptasia we use natural predators, and for flatworms we use natural predators and reefsafe “chemicals” for corals entering the system. Those “chemicals” will not be present in the water or the coral delivered to you. Naturally-occurring CUC, such as amphiops, brittlestars or copepods are benificial, so these can occur.
As a guideline in this hobby, play safe and dip.

For more information:

Mail us at (prefered method). Use English.

Phone support:
International calls use +351 252 131 021 From 4 p.m. to 11 pm only. Use English, Portuguese or Spanish. If we do not answer, we are sorry and mail us instead.