Dúvidas? apoio@coralultra.com
Dúvidas? apoio@coralultra.com

Shipping in the EU

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CoralUltra – a Portuguese ecommerce website

Coralultra.com and coralultra.pt are commercial websites that operate within Portugal. The website follows the Portuguese law and taxation, that may differ from your country’s. For instance, we do not show old price for sales, due to bureaucratic reasons in Portugal. It also follows European regulations, as such the website is open for all citizens in the European Union due to anti-geoblocking laws. We ship to all countries, excepting for Malta or Cyprus due to lack of transport service.

European credit cards
CoralUltra accepts Visa/Mastercard credit cards with secure technology (token to your mobile phone) from most European Union countries and most European micro-states. However, we just ship to addresses in the European Union. For a full list of accepted credit cards.

We also accept Credit Cards from banks in Brazil, Argentina or Chile, for south American residents in the EU.

You can also use Revolut (SEPA option) or IBAN, it is free of charge within Europe. We accept Paypal, but due to high hidden fees we apply a shared fee between you and us.

Shipping Services
UPS Express 24h
UPS 3 Days (up to 25 kg)
DHL Express 24h (for coral)
We can also some other local services.

European plugs
Electronics are made with European power standards and plugs. These may require an adaptor to work outside of the European Union. Ireland and the UK have different standards.

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